July 2012
I am keeping busy enough helping with various freelance projects for Adair Graphic Communications. It's a lot of fun--not only do I get to work with my twin bro, but I get to bring beauty and branding to a lot of smaller clients. It's nice to work with so many brands all at once. We even won an award for a huge marketing campaign created and executed for a local college. I love using my design skills and working with higher education administrators once again.

January 2011
And just like that my tenure at OptumHealth will come to an end as I leave my full time job as a PowerPoint Presentation Specialist graphic designer to pursue another passion--working with people! I am thrilled to announce that I've accept the position as Ministry Assistant at CityLife Church. Don't worry, I'll still be available for freelance.

July 2010
Happily wed to a wonderful husband, and enjoyed a beautiful dream-come-true wedding in my Grandma's backyard. Now there is more time to dedicate to my fine art and volunteer work, as well as some freelance again.

November 2009
It's been a couple months and a web and resume update is long overdue! My freelance career was wonderful but short-lived; I began working as a Senior Graphic Designer for OptumHealth (a UnitedHealth Group Health and Wellness Company) in September.

Working as a freelance artist was beautiful, and I hope to keep it up a bit and maybe return to it full time in the future. The largest project I had was creating the logo and branding for a new church-CityLife Church. We're still polishing the website and branding guidlines, but it was a great experience.

I have also had the opportunity to display work in a couple different galleries in Minneapolis. More on that to follow when I finally update all my pics.

May 10, 2009
While I learned a great deal at Memorial Blood Centers, I am now working as a freelance artist in the Twin Cities. This affords me the opportunity to refine my portfolio and consider career transitions within the arts. More details to come.

November 2008
I have moved to Minneapolis, MN to accept a position as Graphic Designer/Communication Specialist for Memorial Blood Centers. I am thrilled to begin work at a public health non profit and expand my portfolio.

May 12, 2008
Check out my new "graphic design" portfolio with some work from University of Michigan Office of Undergraduate Admissions; more design work coming!

April 26, 2008
A great deal has happened in over a year! It's amazing to think where I was last April with the creation of this site and the completion of my undergraduate Integrative Project. Check back soon for more exhibitions of my african series Reflections on Displacement and Restoration as well as an entirely new portfolio of my graphic design work.

February 8, 2008
The Lost Boys Clinic has been built! Erich Ditschman, (who contacted me after seeing Reflections on Displacement and Restoration to start a Cub Scout Fund/Awareness Raiser) graciously shared this good news. The clinic is open and currently serving the community. The cub scouts were able to raise $500 to help with the construction and supplies; and the art sales and contributions from Reflections on Displacement and Restoration totaled about $500. Read more about the Cub Scout's effort and successful beginning of the clinic on Erich's Blog.

December 15, 2007
This has been an incredible year! I had the opportunity to pour my heart into an undergraduate thesis that challenged and engaged my artistic ability as well as my passion for Sudanese refugees. I spent 6 weeks in Kenya, serving along with Kenyans and Americans to minister to street children, care for rural communities, and bring simple medical relief in makeshift clinics. I loved Kenya, but I longed for Sudan. Never in all my life have I been so artistically inspired and stimulated; I felt as though I was finally inhabiting my life. Then, upon my arrival home in Michigan, I began working for University of Michigan in the most perfect job I never imagined:) Life just kept getting better! I had the opportunity to continue raising awareness and funds for the Lost Boys Clinic with another exhibition at the Michigan State Museum and at Marble Elementary School in East Lansing. Overall, this has been a year of dreams awakened, realized, and created! I never thought I would have the amazing chances I've had to work with Africans, travel to Africa, and discover my love for design, html emails, marketing campaigns and more! Asante sana 2007; you've been unforgettable!

April 10, 2007
My Reflections on Displacement and Restoration: art from workshops with the Lost Boys of Sudan show will be opening on FRIDAY THE 13th in the Slusser Gallery of the University of Michigan School of Art and Design (2000 Bonisteel Blvd).  We are selling all the art, and the profit will go to the Lost Boys Clinic in Duk Payuel.  Come if you can!